Just a Ride…..

we break down; but life is just really a ride, and we should learn to embrace and hold on tightly.<br>

invites for wedding are on their way, and should be mailed by first week of April, thank goodness! other details are falling in place, and although i tend to have my over stressed moments, i feel comfortable and well about decisions, choices and plans made. <br>

matt finished his thesis, and is busily working on his lewis and clark grad school application; they have room for him to start the program this year, actually the week of our wedding; yikes! he is exicited though, and enjoying seeing our future more hopefully and full of love, life and care. <br>

i am considering my education and what plans i would like for myself. looking at nursing programs and what i would need to do before applying; a good two years of pre reqs, and then maybe an associate program and then bachelors, or just the pre reqs and then bachelors, if i could do so. i would love to stay here in portland, but schools in oregon for nursing are way over top competive, with most who apply having at least an masters first…. seems a bit impossible and stressful to consider.<br>

but, the future does seem possible and something we are discovering together, one small list and table in Word at a time…..


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