one month

In one month numerous events have happended, which of course I am using as an excuse for not blogging more since the start of this! <br>

Matt is finishing up the last of revisions on his Reed biology thesis; and tonight we attended a graduate of education meeting at Lewis and Clark University here in Portland, where could even start this June; like the week of our wedding, June!! <br>

Wedding stuff took a back seat to thesis work; although thoughts, ideas and chats still took place daily. I found a lovely photographer ( and booked that already. Food is easy, which is Rogue since it is onsite at the Aquarium, although we need to sign contract, taste and put down money. My dress still needs work of making smaller in all aspects, width and length. Shoes have been ordered, as well as my necklace and earrings that I’ll wear. I think I have decided to do cupcakes instead of a regular tiered cake; no baker yet, however. Music is interesting issue, we know that we want that, but whether we get a DJ, have friends play or jam from an iPod and speakers, we have not a clue! Same for someone to actually perform our ceremony, although Matts’ parents have connections through work, social and church, it seems. Matt and I looked at places for us to stay that weekend, and have narrowed it down and just need to choose, and then book quickly. Favors are narrowed down to two, rather crafty ideas; one being easier and the other more involved, but more unique. Floral is coming in as an idea that needs research, I want us to all go and do pick your own flowers (dalihas, I know are big for this) and gather them for myself, my bridal party, the moms, Audrey and her basket and decorating. Decorations beyond that are very natural and loose; seashells and rocks from beaches, fabric for chairs, the aisle way and walls; and the Aquarium itself I think is enough for my taste (and budget!). Invites have been almost decided, though each day I go back and forth bewteen two designs; I need to choose, adress and send by end of this month, start of April, probably. <br>

While Matt plans for graduate school, I plan to take at least one to two classes this Fall to wet my feet and start up my own education again. With my associates, I need two years to finish up that degree; although I think I want to pursue another path now. Portland Community College is a great place to take basics and figure those things out; then I would love to transfer to Lewis and Clark, Reed or Portland State, maybe. I think medicine and health care calls me; but so do a lot of different things on a daily basis. Maybe I just watch too much Greys Anatomy!! <br>

Knitting is slow; I brought yarn for my clap-o-tee (see ravelry, hellokittysweet is me!) and swatched last night, finally. I need to look up a few things I haven’t done in knitting before, and then I should start it in the next few days. I hope that once I get it figured out, it will go fast and be all cutesy for early spring mornings and late evenings. <br>

Here is a list of things I would like to accomplish this lion of March<br>

exercise at least twice weekly<br>

write here at least that same amount <br>

get wedding invites done; decide on favors, purchase items <br>

book coast rental and sign Rogue contract <br>

buy matts’ graduation/wedding outfit <br>

look at bridesmaids dresses <br>

change hair; getting sick of long-ish <br>

organize downstairs, matts’ room <br>

call home more often; including mere <br>

save for moving and apartment items <br>

taxes!! <br>

take placement testings


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